Caboclo Rapé | Spiritual Bobinsana


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More About Caboclo Rapé | Spiritual Bobinsana

Spiritual Bobinsana is our sacred Rapé blend with special herbs used for energetic cleansing and to align with the subtle realms. A pleasant medicina that opens the higher worlds of the cosmos. This blend is not psychoactive but contains herbs used by the tribes in ceremony to support their journeys.

It gets its nice flavor mainly from Justicia pectoralis – a small plant with pointy leaves. It is a natural analgesic with a beautiful scent due to the coumarin it contains. Shipibo say it awakens the spirit of work. For the Yanomami it is a female aphrodisiac. They use it in all sorts of magical potions to attract lovers.

This rapé also contains Bobinsana from the Shipibo tradition. It is used in their diets and sometimes added to their Ayahuasca. In the Shipibo tradition, Bobinsana is a master plant teacher well known for its gentle stimulating effects. For them, it has the ability to open the heart to greater compassion, strength, and guidance from the spirit realm.

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