Ceremonial Totem Bone Tepi


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Ceremonial Totem Bone Tepi

We baptized this series of tepis from the Tetê Pawã arts and crafts studio Animal Kingdom. They are all original one-off pieces. Each one has a different or a different combination of totem animals from the Brazilian rainforest and indigenous medicine culture. The tepis are made from bamboo with a bone mouthpiece for pressure, durability, and hygiene. The tepi is all decorated with indigenous tribal symbols or kenê burned with pyrography into the bamboo.

There may be slight varieties from batch to batch since this is a hand-crafted product.

This model was made by our handicrafts experts at the Tetê Pawã arts and crafts studio. They are located in the upper Juruá region of Marechal Thaumaturgo municipality, way up on the Amazon. The only way to get there is a two-day boat journey or with a four-seater airplane. They have been our close partners since 2014, always delivering state-of-the-art handicrafts and their excellent Kuntanawa Rapés


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