Kuntanawa Rapé | Tete Pawã


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Embrace the mystique of Tete Pawã by Kuntanawa, a captivating  blend crafted with robust medicina, Tsunu ashes, and the potent medicines Kawa Xinã and Kumã.

In the words of the maker: “Kawa Xinã cleanses our thoughts and brings tranquility, while Kumã provides strength and firmness, guiding our spiritual studies. Tete Pawã promotes spiritual elevation, serenity in our journey, and heightened concentration. It grants us the power of rebirth.”

Tete Pawã, the indigenous name for the revered Harpy, symbolizes one of the most sacred birds in the Amazon, known as the royal falcon (gavião real) in Brazil. This alluring Rapé is a unique blend from one of our favorite makers in the upper Jurua region. Highly recommended for those seeking an extraordinary experience!

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