Nukini Rapé | 7 Stars


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More About Nukini Rapé | 7 Stars

Discover the enchanting Nukini 7 Stars Rapé blend, expertly crafted by the Nukini Rapé master. This exquisite concoction captivates the senses with its fruity notes and refreshing minty undertones, while the distinctive scent of Embaubinha (Cecropia lyratiloba) leaves you smiling. The harmonious blend of herbs uplifts the spirit, encourages spiritual cleansing, and opens the throat chakra for enhanced communication.

Named in honor of the ancestral memory and the Pleiades, the Seven Sisters, this luxurious blend bridges the physical and spiritual realms. Delve into the mysteries of your lineage and connect with the wisdom of your ancestors as the silvery leaves of Embaubinha reflect the moonlit connection between Earth and the heavens.

Indulge in the magic of Nukini 7 Stars Rapé and embark on a celestial journey that transcends time and space, fostering a deeper understanding of your origins and the universe.

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