Kuntanawa Rapé | Ayarapé Ideal for Meditation and Shamanic Practice


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More About Kuntanawa Rapé | Ayarapé Ideal for Meditation and Shamanic Practice

Discover the distinctive  Amazon Incense Powder, freshly made in February 2023. This unique Shamanic Blend for meditation and healing ceremonies is meticulously crafted by the Kuntanawa tribe using a special process. Sacred snuff is created by spraying Moi leaves with ceremonial tea, then drying and powdering them.

This Sacred Incense is perfect for activating the pineal gland and is an essential addition to any shamanic incense powder collection. Unlock the transformative power and experience the potent healing benefits of this sacred medicine.

Application: can be self-administered using a V-shaped applicator pipe called a ‘Kuripe,’ which connects the mouth to the nostrils. Alternatively, another person can administer it using a large blowpipe called a ‘Tepi,’ connecting the blower’s mouth to the recipient’s nostrils.

Usage: Begin with a dime-sized amount, pour the medicine into your palm, say a prayer, and align with its spirit. Load half of the medicine into the pipe for the first nostril using either a Kuripe or Tepi. If self-applying, insert the long nostril of the pipe into your nose and the smaller side into your mouth. Exhale and blow strongly, centering yourself for a powerful application. After application, sit for 5-10 minutes in meditation.

Dosages can be increased after prolonged use once you become more accustomed to working with this medicine and have built a relationship with the plant and this specific blend.

Benefits of  Amazon Incense Powder:

– Activates the 3rd eye and decalcifies the pineal gland.
– Purifies and cleanses the sinuses and respiratory tract.
– Supports the digestive system and aids bowel movement.
– Offers energetic protection for strength, clarity, and focus.
– Grounds and centers, connecting you to the Earth.
– Clears negativity and stills the mind.
– Different incense powders have unique qualities due to the infused prayers.

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Storage: Keep the incense powder in the airtight containers provided, away from wet, damp, humid conditions, and direct sunlight.

Please note: The use and application of our products are solely the customer’s responsibility. Choose from two size options to suit your needs:

Option One: 1/2 oz. bottle – Great for first-time users or those wanting a smaller quantity.
Option Two: 1 oz. bottle – Ideal for experienced users who desire a larger quantity for extended use.
Experience the powerful healing and spiritual benefits of Amazon Incense Powder by the Kuntanawa Tribe.

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