Nukini Rapé | Onça (Jaguar)


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More About Nukini Rapé | Onça (Jaguar)

Embracing the mystical connection between the indigenous Nukini people and their shamanic power animal, the Onça Pintada, Haux Haux Shop presents you with the sacred medicine blend, Onça. This unique blend is a celebration of the Nukini’s deep bond with the jaguar, offering you a powerful experience of Amazonian wisdom and energy.

Crafted by Xiti, a young cultural and spiritual leader of the Nukini tribe, Onça is a testament to his mastery and the tribe’s profound connection to the natural world. Xiti’s signature blend combines his personal selection of sacred herbs, a secret recipe that creates a potent masculine medicine, perfect for deep meditation.

While the specific herbs used in this special recipe remain undisclosed, the transformative effects of Onça are unmistakable. This unique blend will transport you to the heart of the Amazon, inviting you to experience the untamed essence and resilience of the jaguar, a symbol of strength, transformation, and the interconnectedness of life.

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