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Embracing the Magic of Shamanic Tools: A Beginner’s Guide to Kuripes and Tepis

Within the realm of indigenous shamanic practices, the use of sacred tools is essential in facilitating powerful connections with ancestral wisdom and the spirit world. These time-honored instruments hold the keys to unlocking our spiritual potential, guiding us through transformative experiences that lead to profound self-discovery, healing, and growth. Among the most revered shamanic tools, the Kuripe and Tepi have held a significant role in the traditions of Amazonian tribes for generations, acting as conduits for potent plant medicines and their life-affirming energies.

The Kuripe, used primarily for self-administration, and the Tepi, designed for the sharing of sacred Rapé snuff between a shaman and participant, both exemplify the deep bond between humans and the natural world, as well as the value of spiritual connection and communal exchange. These fascinating tools, traditionally crafted from a variety of natural materials and imbued with the power of intention, play a crucial role in the journey towards spiritual awakening, transcending cultural boundaries and the passage of time.

In this beginner’s guide to Kuripes and Tepis, we will delve into the history, cultural significance, and proper use of these enigmatic instruments, offering a comprehensive understanding of their roles within shamanic healing practices. Discerning the subtle, yet powerful influence of these sacred tools, allows us to fully grasp their transformative potential and the ways in which we can integrate them into our modern spiritual practices. Begin your journey into the world of shamanic tools with an open heart, ready to embrace the magic and timeless wisdom of the Kuripe and Tepi as you embark on the path of self-exploration and spiritual growth.

The History and Cultural Significance of Kuripes and Tepis

As revered instruments within indigenous shamanic traditions, the Kuripe and Tepi have long served as powerful tools for facilitating the sacred practice of administering Rapé snuff. These unique devices carry a rich history rooted in the spiritual practices of South American tribes, particularly within the Amazon rainforest. For centuries, the Kuripe and Tepi have been essential instruments in the shaman’s toolkit, imbued with the spiritual energy and intention needed for authentic and transformative healing experiences.

Crafted from a variety of natural materials, including wood, bone, horn, and bamboo, these sacred tools represent the deep connection between humans and the environment, while embodying a reverence for the powerful plant medicines they deliver. Passed down through generations from master to student, the use of Kuripes and Tepis is a testament to the timeless wisdom and enduring power of indigenous spiritual practices.

Understanding the Mechanics: The Kuripe and Tepi

The Kuripe and Tepi serve different purposes when administering Rapé snuff, each designed for a specific context and intention during shamanic rituals. Though their functions differ, these beautiful tools share a common goal: to convey the potent energies of sacred plant medicines into the participant’s body, opening the doors to spiritual transformation and healing.

  • The Kuripe: Designed with a V-shaped construction, the Kuripe allows an individual to self-administer Rapé snuff with precision and control. One end of the device is placed in the user’s mouth, while the other end is gently inserted into a nostril. By blowing softly into the mouth end, the Rapé snuff is propelled into the user’s nasal passage, delivering its powerful energies and healing properties directly into the body.
  • The Tepi: Longer and more flexible than the Kuripe, the Tepi is reserved for instances when a shaman or experienced practitioner administers the powerful Rapé snuff to a participant. Much like the Kuripe, one end of the Tepi is placed inside the practitioner’s mouth, while the opposite end is gently inserted into the participant’s nostril. This transfer of sacred Rapé snuff embodies the compassionate and communal exchange of healing energy, which lies at the heart of indigenous spiritual traditions.

Proper Usage and Preparation for Shamanic Ceremony

As you embark on the empowering journey of integrating Kuripes and Tepis into your spiritual practice, it’s essential to approach their usage with intention, respect, and an understanding of proper technique. Here are a few tips to ensure a safe and beneficial experience when using these sacred shamanic tools:

  • Prepare the Rapé: Begin by gathering the desired amount of your chosen Rapé blend for the ceremony or ritual. With the help of a specialized spatula or your fingertips, gently shape the Rapé into a small pile or line, tailored for easy dosage.
  • Hold the Kuripe or Tepi: Arrange the chosen instrument in your hand, ensuring a comfortable and controlled grip. Remember to focus on the intention and energy you wish to connect with during the ritual.
  • Administer the Rapé: For the Kuripe, gently insert the narrow end into one nostril while positioning the opposite end in your mouth. Inhale deeply, then blow softly into the mouth end to propel the Rapé snuff into your nasal passage. For the Tepi, the shaman or experienced practitioner will perform this process on behalf of the participant.
  • Reflect and Interpret: After administering the Rapé snuff, take some time to meditate, reflect, or engage in traditional rituals such as chanting, singing, or praying. During this time, observe any sensations, visions, or thoughts that arise, seeking guidance from your intuition and spiritual guides.

Incorporating Shamanic Tools into Modern Spiritual Practices

The Kuripe and Tepi offer a powerful gateway to unlocking the transformative potential inherent in ancient shamanic wisdom and plant medicine. By incorporating these sacred tools into our modern spiritual practices, we cultivate a deep appreciation and understanding of the indigenous traditions that have given life to these enigmatic instruments. Here are a few suggestions for integrating Kuripes and Tepis into your contemporary spiritual path:

  • Meditation and Mindfulness: Enhance your meditation sessions by grounding yourself with a Rapé snuff ritual, heightening your sense of self-awareness and focus.
  • Energy Cleansing and Protection: Utilize Kuripes and Tepis during energy cleansing and protective rituals, invoking the powerful healing properties of Rapé snuff to purge negative energies and restore balance.
  • Connection to Ancestral Wisdom: Build a deeper connection to ancestral wisdom and traditions by constructing personal altars or sacred spaces that incorporate and honor your chosen shamanic tools.


Embracing the magic of shamanic tools such as the Kuripe and Tepi provides us with the opportunity to connect deeply with the ancient wisdom and powerful energies of indigenous spiritual practices. By understanding the history, significance, and proper usage of these sacred instruments, we open ourselves to a world of transformative experiences, spiritual growth, and profound self-discovery.

Unlock the healing power of shamanic tools and embark on an enlightening journey into the world of indigenous plant medicines with Haux Haux Shop. Discover the transformative potential of Kuripes, Tepis, and more as you step into a new realm of spiritual exploration and empowerment.

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