Caboclo Rapé | Yuxibu – Authentic Chief Recipe for Pineal Gland Activation


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Introducing Caboclo Yuxibu

An enigmatic blend of local, undisclosed herbs, carefully crafted by our master maker. This potent medicine, infused with robust medicina and Parica ashes, offers a transcendent experience. Connect with your ancestors and summon the vibrant spirits of the forest to emerge and dance with you. Ush Ush Ush… Ra Ra Ra… Siri Siri Siri… Let the sacred Yuxibu guide you on an alluring, otherworldly journey where ancient wisdom and the mystical energies of the forest come alive, intertwining in a mesmerizing dance just for you.

Embrace the mystical allure of Yuxibu – The Spirits of The Forest

The name is based on an indigenous, mainly Huni Kuin term Yuxibu which are the spirits. One of the most famous and important Yuxibu is the Boa Constructor. According to some legends, he is the Great Spirit, the creator who uttered the first sound. The Huni Kuin imitate it in their ceremonies: Siri Siri Siri. The spirit of the Boa constrictor, a sacred animal of the indigenous peoples is the most famous Yuxibu who is also responsible for teaching the Kaxinawa or Huni Kuin how to make their Nixa Pae. Nixi Pae is the word for Ayahuasca in their language. It connects to the power of tribal medicines. Yuxibu, the sacred boa constrictor. A deep rainforest Snuff connecting the forces of the Yuxibu, the sacred spirits of the forest and its peoples.

The maker is a true Caboclo, partly from a migrant rubber tapper family and partly indigenous. The mixture that is the essence of Acre state in Brazil. He is related to the Nukini tribe, where he got most of his knowledge of medicines. They originate from a place called serra do divisor, a national park on the border with Brazil and Peru. The park is home to one of few waterfalls in the Brazilian Amazon and home to much wildlife

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